Glendale DUI Lawyers

DUI Tips When Pulled Over

  1. Request to speak with a lawyer
  2. Do not perform any balancing or eye tests
  3. You must say “I consent” to blood tests
  4. Do not consent to a hand held breathalyzer test
  5. Invoke your right to remain silent

DUI Charges

If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, you need experienced defense attorney because you may face any and/or all of the following DUI charges, depending on the circumstances:


DUI .08

DUI .15 – Extreme

DUI .20 – Super Extreme

Minor DUI

Aggravated DUI

Circumstances Matter

  • Was the arrest constitutional?
  • Were you in actual physical control of the vehicle?
  • Were you under the influence?
  • What was your BAC?
  • Is there a difference between alcohol, illegal substances, and legal substances?
  • Were you driving on a suspended license?
  • Do you have a commercial drivers license?
  • Were you driving or parked?
  • Was anyone else in the car with you?
  • Are you over or under 21 years old?
  • Did you consent to a blood test?
  • Were you driving a car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, bike, motorized bike, ATV, golf cart, riding lawn mower, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle, or construction equipment?

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